Bring out the potential of mineral resources and connect a bright future to the next generation


Contribute to the social realization of fusion energy through stably securing of beryllium

Our Team

Masaru Nakamichi


As the first career, joined the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute (currently known as National Institutes for Quantum Science and Technology(QST) via the Japan Atomic Energy Agency(JAEA)), specializing in fusion blanket engineering, irradiation and instrumentation technology.
Former, acting the group leader of the Functional Materials Development Group of QST.
Earned bachelor’s degree in department of nuclear reactor engineering, faculty of science and engineering from Kindai University, a doctor’s degree in graduate school of engineering from Tohoku University.
Established MiRESSO Co.Ltd. in May 2023 to contribute the social realization of fusion by utilizing the research at QST.


Suguru Nakano

Technology Development

After completing master’s degree at Ibaraki University Graduate School of Science and Engineering, joined Kaken Co., Ltd.
Since 2013, has been working in the same group as Nakamichi on the research and development of beryllium, a fusion blanket material.
Currently, is a member of QST’s Breeding Functional Materials Development Group.
Finished a Ph.D. in Engineering from Tohoku University.
Co-founder, MiRESSO Co.Ltd.

西原 隆雅

Takamasa Nishihara

Exective Officer / Director of Corp.Plannning

Started first career at Nishimura & Asahi, the largest law firm in Japan, specialized in corporate legal affairs, assisting in business startups, M&A, etc.
Thereafter, worked in management consulting and started his own businesses in 2020.
Joining MiRESSO Co.Ltd. in May 2023.
Earned a bachelor’s degree in faculity of law from Tokyo University.

Tomoaki Imai

Tomoaki Imai

General Manager of Business

After graduating from Ritsumeikan University, started first carrier in ITOCHU corporation. In ITOCHU corporation, had been involved in trading, investment, asset management of energy commodities such as LNG, LPG and Crude Oil. From May 2024, Joined MiRESSO Co.Ltd.

Company Info



Chairman and CEO
Masaru Nakamichi
Head Office Location
Misawa-shi, Aomori